How Google Street View can expose Cowboy Driveway Companies

Save yourself heartache by researching your block paving company before handing over a single penny. Google maps is your friend for your detective work.

How Google Street View can expose Cowboy Driveway Companies

Being at the brutal end of a driveway scam, I found myself to be locked into a knowledge fest.  I wanted to find out as much information about the company as I possibly could, without risking my window being put through.

Google Maps exposed the company for what they were, and I wish I had done this before we engaged the firm to do the work.

Now, I am not a snob, nor do I believe that being a snob will help you in these situations.  However, if your going to be spending a lot of money (or any money for that matter) on a new driveway / slabbing project, then looking at where your company trades from can really change your mind.

Please be aware though, a lot of cowboy driveway companies have (and still do) add their name to a closed industrial estate to block out Google cameras.. see picture below:

As the boundary of the Office Spaces was restricted,Google maps was unable to show what companies were there - These addresses require visiting prior to engaging.

Step by Step Instructions

So, here are the instructions on how to get a street view of the company your about to spend your thousands with.

  • Go to:
  • Type in the postcode of the company
  • Zoom in and find the street the company says they are located at
  • Now, click and hold on the orange man icon and drag him to the road your wanting to view
  • Move and round using the onscreen pointers to find the address.

If you find anything like:

Images of abandoned houses / land
Abandoned Buildings at address provided by Cowboy Block Paving Companies

Then it might be worth finding out a little more before entering into the contract.

If you want to share any locations where these companies are hiding, then please send an email to: [email protected]