Block Paving Cost Calculator

Get an approximate price for your block paving. Use this tool to find the average price for block paving based on metres squared with comparison between reputable and cowboy paving company.

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UK Block Paving Cost Calculator - 2024
The Block Paving Calculator has been updated for 2024 prices.

The cost of block paving will depend on a number of variables. The main variables/options are:

  • Area Size to be block paved
  • Type of Bricks Required
  • Size of Bricks
  • Current Conditions ie. what's already there
  • The area you live in (labour costs differ in each county)
  • In some cases - patterns required
  • Additional Features (Steps / Borders)

As with all DIY jobs, it's much cheaper to do the work yourself. If you can do the bulk of the preparation yourself (see: how to block pave, this will more than likely save you up to 50% of the total cost of the block paving. Buying the blocks yourself can also save you a lot of money.

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The cost calculator tool will provide you with 2 approximate prices.

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